Privacy Policy

Date of issue: 02/06/2020

The following is an agreement between the user of the website and Horace McMullan, who provide and operate this online retail operation. The “user”, “customer”, “your” or “you” refers to anyone who visits and uses the functionality of this website. The “provider”, “company”, “us”, “our” or “we” refers to Horace McMullan.

We highly value the privacy of our customers and only collect the data necessary to provide our services. The data of our customers will only be used in the manners described below.

The scope of this privacy policy
This privacy policy applies only to the user and provider of the Horace McMullan website. It does not apply to any other websites which may be accessed from this one, such include social media websites and payment provider websites. Your payment information

The lawful basis for processing
We, the provider, require the processing of personal information to perform a contract. That is to say, the retail of goods to customers. This is our primary basis.

A secondary basis of consent is given. This is for the purposes of newsletter and promotional material distribution. When registering for an account, you may choose to “opt-in” to receiving these materials. It is possible to withdraw consent at any time by visiting the “Account Settings” page on this website.

The type of personal information we collect
In order to process your order, we require your name, postal address, email address and telephone number. We may send promotional information to your email address so long as your consent is given. We also require your payment information for the processing of payment for your order.

While any user browses the website, our e-commerce platform collects anonymous visitor statistics.

The software operating this website collects your IP address, operating system and browser type.

How we collect the personal information and why it is required
Your name, postal address, email address and telephone number are provided either when registering for an account with the website or when submitting an order. This information is required to process and dispatch orders our users place using the website. It also may be used for our own internal record-keeping.

Additionally, a subset of this personal information is required by third-parties for payment and delivery services. Your information will be subject to the privacy policies of those third parties.

The anonymous visitor statistics are only used to gauge the popularity of the website and are not shared with any third-party. These statistics are not used to identify any users.

The collection of your IP address, operating system and browser type is necessary for the operation of the website software. Additionally, these statistics are used to concentrate testing and development for the types of systems where these are most needed. They are also used to detect and help prevent defacing and unauthorised access attempts to the website, commonly known as “hacking”.

Your email address will be used to deliver newsletters from us, should you request such materials when registering. This use of your email address will only be exercised if you consent to the provision of these promotional newsletters.

The company will not share your personal data with any other organisations for advertising, market research, or commercial purposes. Except for the purposes of payment and delivery provision mentioned above, your details will not be passed on to third party websites.

How your personal information is stored
Your personal information is securely stored on our website’s database server. Access to this server is strictly authorised to our staff and maintenance personnel. Personal information is also stored on internal company systems for accounting, auditing and company record keeping.

Order history is stored indefinitely, until the user requests its removal from the system. Account details and delivery addresses are stored indefinitely, until the user requests account deletion. These details will then cease to exist on the website’s database server, though traces of this personal data may still exist within the company for accounting, auditing and record keeping. The right of erasure mentioned below may apply for these records, if retaining it is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected.

Your rights of access and erasure

Horace McMullan is the Data Controller.

The GDPR grants users the right of access. You may contact us on <INSERT EMAIL> or write <ADDRESS> to request a copy of all your personal information we hold.

You may also request the erasure of personal information using the same means of contact. The right to erasure applies once the personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected. Erasure may not be possible in certain circumstances, such as when restricted by legal necessity.

All information transmitted between your local system and this website will be done so using an encrypted “SSL” connection. This provides a very high level of confidentiality for data in transit.

However, it is impossible to guarantee complete security as your data traverses Internet infrastructure, thus any communication made with the website is undertaken at your own risk.

Future Policy Changes
This privacy policy may be subject to change. This may be due to the addition of new services to the website, or other unforeseeable circumstances. When there is a change to this policy we will notify you of these changes by email.

Cookie Policy
Cookies are small text files which are generated by the website and stored locally on the user’s device. These small text files are required for the operation of the website features, such features include user login and storage of user preferences.

On this website, cookies are not used for advertising purposes. Cookies are used only where they are necessary to operate essential website functions.

Consent to use cookies is given through a pop-up cookie consent form, which is presented to visitors upon their first visit to the website. Once a user clicks “I agree” on this pop-up form, we understand consent for this website to use cookies on your device is granted.